Smart City |What Does It Mean?

What do you mean by a smart city? Are the buildings intelligent or do the residents of Dubai have an everyday pursuit of doing smart work in all sectors?

A smart city is a municipality that uses information and networking technologies to interconnect citizen welfare and government services. Such a city uses the data of the citizens and uses it to build IoT driven infrastructure, innovative management and promote a sustainable environment. Cloud-based IoT driven smart cities receive, analyze and maintain data in real-time, which will promote a better environment to support citizens for better living life.

The Dubai government aims to become a smart city by the end of 2021. They are focusing on delivery services through mobile applications. They are also customizing the data collected by their citizens to provide the best services and that favours prosperity.

Investing in Dubai’s smart city can be the best investment of one’s lifetime due to the initial development of smart cities, hence it is much easier to invest in villas for sale in Dubai now than in the coming 5 or ten years. Smart villas in Dubai offer a complete range of fully-functional and futuristic abodes for your lifestyle.



Smart Dubai took this initiative of 100% paperless stamping launched in March 2020. Implemented by Dubai Paperless Strategy aims to introduce a perfectly integrated paperless government infrastructure that enables Dubai’s smart city transformational services and operations to be held digitally. Which will reduce 1 billion uses of paper every day for transactions.SERVICE 1 CENTRE

Service 1 was launched in 2017 with the help of artificial intelligence to provide entities with all kinds of services local and federal. It offers three packages:

1-Mabrook Da Mart – The wedding bundle

Provides an overall package with the legal package, including all kinds of marriage documents attestation, marriage certificate and more.
2-Mabrook Da Ma Yak – The newborn bundle

Provides complete and relevant services for a newborn baby for legal identification including (birth certificates, Emirates ID, passports and more).

3-Tawtheef- The business bundle

For an entrepreneur or international or national firm stakeholders for starting a business in Dubai, this package will provide comprehensive outlook and service for all legal services required to run any business which includes providing (visa for staffs, job offer, work permit and more) but to avail this offer a company has to be registered by Ministry of Human Resources of Emiratisation

Products initiatives that come under Dubai Smart City


In September 2013, RTA launched NOL, a unified card to pay for transport services. It enables payment through NFC.


An online account to pay which can make online payment easy launched by the Roads and Transport Authority in May 2013.


Launched in Dubai 2007, Levy road toll Salik uses radio frequency Identification


It is one of the strategic initiatives of Smart City. Through a centralised dashboard in the smart city, the happiness meter will indicate the satisfaction level and rank customer services within the geographical areas and industrial sectors and also differentiates between digital interactions. The theme regards “the people”, to achieve their happiness with the city. The government of Dubai launched a happiness portal to collect rankings of its visitors and residents.


The smart index Dubai consists of an Index wheel that splits into 6 dimensions each reflecting upon a different initiative taken for the initiative of a smart city Dubai and illuminates the development and transformation done for the specific field.


MAKANI (my location) an initiative taken by the Dubai government in April 2015 is a smart addressing system that shades every building in Dubai registered under a unique 10-digit number which can be used to search addresses on Google and here maps. In contrast, in 2016, the Dubai government also divided Emirate into 14 districts each with a unique identification.


The Dubai government aims to introduce an application for every service which enables to pay quickly for online transactions even though some of those applications are already developed.

  • Utilities
  • Security
  • Justice
  • Religion
  • Transportation
  • Educations
  • Residency
  • Health

And also a one-stop-shop by tag The Dubai now app is also available on the play store and Google play.


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